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Practice Areas

With 13 major areas of practice and a team of over two-dozen attorneys, Dughi, Hewit & Domalewski has the benefit of having lawyers on staff who focus on more than one area of law.

This, combined with our collaborative approach to resolving matters and achieving positive outcomes, means that we have the resources, experience and skill to successfully handle very large, complex cases. Our multidisciplinary approach is especially useful in commercial matters, since, for example, a commercial real-estate closing may require the skillset of a business lawyer, a regulatory affairs lawyer, or an environmental lawyer.

Even fairly straightforward cases can benefit from the capabilities of attorneys with different areas of practice. For example, a divorcing couple may need to update their wills or make other significant financial decisions. Because we already have the legal knowledge and insight needed to provide the necessary advice and representation, this saves our clients valuable time and money.

Our practice area structure is also useful in developing solutions and alternatives in all types of legal matters. Our depth allows us to be thorough and to provide broad-based advice for our clients as we consider the best possible solutions for their legal problems.

No matter what type of legal matter you’re facing, Dughi, Hewit & Domalewski’s team of highly strategic, resourceful, cost-effective attorneys will never stop fighting for you.

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