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Matrimonial and Family Law

NJ Family Law Attorneys

There is little in life that fills us with more intense emotion than family matters. Whether you’re seeking the finalization of a long-awaited adoption or filing for divorce in NJ, it’s essential that your family law attorneys have both compassion and expertise. Led by Mario Gurrieri and Kristin Capalbo, both partners here at Dughi, Hewit, and Domalewski, our legal team has extensive experience in every aspect of family law. With a keen understanding both of the legal process and of the emotions you’re likely to be experiencing, we will quickly become your advocate and sounding board as we guide you through this emotional time with sensitivity, compassion, and swift efficiency.

Divorce And Custody Matters

When a couple begins the process of filing for divorce in NJ, the experience can, too often, become painfully drawn out and expensive, with the divorce finalizing long after the two parties have gone their separate ways. This creates real challenges and leads to unnecessary stress, especially during complicated divorces in which there are disputes over property, finances, and/or child custody. Problems such as family violence or child-abuse allegations can further heighten the fear and anxiety you may be experiencing. Here at Dughi, Hewit & Domalewski, we work efficiently and amicably to finalize your divorce as quickly as possible while protecting your interests and ensuring your safety and financial security.

Because we have significant experience handling financially complex divorces, we often work with high-net-worth clients filing for divorce in NJ who require specialized expertise in asset identification and property division. Our family law attorneys have the financial acumen necessary to navigate the process and ensure your financial interests are protected. With a network of trusted professionals such as employment experts, forensic accountants, and real-estate appraisers, we have the expertise required to ensure our clients receive a fair and equitable division of assets. We’ll assess property value, employability and salary potential, intangible assets, and business value and, once we’ve established the current and future value of all types of assets, develop a strategy. Our goal is always to protect your interests, preserve your lifestyle and financial security, and establish fair and reasonable alimony.

Child-Custody Disputes

When couples filing for divorce in NJ has young children, it’s essential that the children’s needs be considered first and foremost. With extensive experience in these matters, we’re equipped to objectively assess your family situation and provide you with our insight into possible resolutions. Our goal in these situations is to ensure we identify the outcomes that will meet your needs and support your interests, be safe and appropriate for your child(ren), and align with state child-custody and child-support laws.

Whenever possible, it’s best for co-parents to work together with their family law attorneys to establish a suitable child-custody arrangement outside of court. Not only is this the least costly option, it’s also often the best and least stressful route for all involved. If an agreement cannot be made outside of court, the decisions regarding your parenting time, custody arrangements, and child support will ultimately be left up to the court—not just you and your co-parent. It’s nearly always advantageous to avoid leaving these decisions in the hands of court. Because we feel so strongly that independently arranged child-custody arrangements are the best way forward, every one of our family law attorneys is a trained and court-approved family-court mediator. A family-court mediator is an individual trained by the court system who provides mediation to divorcing parents. The goal of mediation is to guide you and your co-parent in developing a parenting plan that you can present to the court for approval. Most cases are settled in this manner.

Post-Judgment Applications

Family circumstances change, and the family court recognizes this. Sometimes a child grows older and wishes to live with the other parent full-time. Other times a parent is moving across the country, and the change requires a new custody plan to be developed. When child-custody arrangements need to be adjusted for any reason, we can file a post-judgment application to request that the court consider the new information and make changes to the custody plan when appropriate. In addition, a return to court may be necessary in the event one parent is failing to follow the parenting-time plan or when a parent is failing to pay child support.

Domestic Violence

As compassionate, experienced domestic-violence attorneys, we work tirelessly to ensure your absolute safety in the wake of a domestic-violence incident. From securing restraining orders to connecting you with the resources you need to navigate this difficult period, we’ll help you determine the best way forward for you. If you’ve been abused, we know that this is a scary and confusing time and that you may not know what to do next. We’ll explain all your legal options, what they mean, and how they can help you stay safe. No matter what you decide or what course of action you take, the family law attorneys here at Dughi, Hewit & Domalewski will remain supportive and caring—and we’ll never stop fighting for you.

Family-Law Experts

A full 98% of divorce and custody cases will settle outside of court, as this route helps to ensure an expeditious result and minimizes costly litigation. While knowing this may help you put your expectations into perspective, you should also be assured that we’re highly skilled litigators, and we will aggressively fight for you and your interests inside the courtroom whenever it’s necessary. Many couples are surprised to learn that not all matrimonial lawyers are equipped to litigate cases. We’re fortunate that each one of our family law attorneys is trained and qualified to try divorce and child-custody matters. Because we’re deeply experienced, we’re adept at analyzing each situation individually and creating an effective strategy that will deliver the best possible outcome.

If you’re navigating a difficult family matter, filing for divorce in NJ, or experiencing domestic violence, contact the family law attorneys at Dughi, Hewit & Domalewski today for a no-cost initial consultation.

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