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Government and Regulatory Affairs

Government Attorneys

In today’s business environment, companies across all industries find it increasingly important to understand the legislative and regulatory landscape on federal, state, and local levels. Dughi, Hewit & Domalewski’s governmental and regulatory affairs team supports clients by providing advice and representation in governmental and regulatory matters. We possess the skill and experience required to successfully navigate the complexities of all levels of government.

Privatization Support

The government attorneys at Dughi, Hewit & Domalewski have significant experience in the area of privatizing government services. We recognize the importance of privatization to economic growth—it can help to control government spending, reduce unnecessary regulations, and enables civilian-owned businesses to grow and thrive. To assist our clients in privatization efforts, we work closely alongside those who wish to contract with the government to provide needed functionality and services, assisting them with the contract bidding process, asset procurement, and strategic planning.

Legislative And Regulatory Advocacy

In addition, our team of government attorneys works to develop strategies and processes to help establish and foster positive relationships with lawmakers and regulators, monitor proposed legislation and regulations to identify proposed changes in the law which may affect our clients’ interests, and follow the progress of specific legislation or regulations on their behalves. We also have the capability to engage with lawmakers and regulators to advocate for our clients’ interests and help to resolve any disputes that may arise between our clients and government agencies.

Working with the government or in a highly regulated industry requires experienced government attorneys. We provide advice and counsel to clients to assist them in safely navigating complex legal and regulatory compliance issues. If an investigation occurs, we’ll help you get through the process, with the goal of minimizing its effects on your businesses operations and finances while we work to achieve the best possible outcome.

Transactional Support

Our team provides transactional support in all types of regulated business matters, assisting with contracts, purchases, and mergers and acquisitions, and projects to ensure to that transactions are properly structured, licenses are attained, and all needed governmental approvals are sought and obtained.  With many years of experience working within the complex world of government affairs, we’re well-positioned to support our clients, no matter how highly regulated your industry.

Comprehensive Government And Regulatory Affairs Practice

Specific practice areas include the following:

  • Government relations
  • Administrative law hearings
  • Regulatory-law matters
  • Government-agency disputes
  • Licensing Matters
  • Disciplinary Matters
  • Election Law
  • Government contracting
  • Privatizing government services

Outstanding Experience In Governmental Matters

You’ll find that we’re extraordinarily committed to providing you with the best possible legal representation so you can continue meeting your core business objectives. Contact us today to discuss your legal matter or question and find out why we’re the government attorneys of choice for organizations of all sizes.

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