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Business Law and Commercial Transactions

New Jersey Business Attorneys

The business attorneys at Dughi, Hewit & Domalewski represent businesses and individuals in a wide range of commercial settings. Using a collaborative approach, we provide sophisticated, creative, and time-sensitive solutions that draw upon our in-depth knowledge and experience which has been cultivated over decades. We develop and implement strategies that minimize costs, prevent delays, and maximize the opportunities for successful outcomes.

Outstanding Legal Support Throughout The Business Lifecycle

Businesses turn to our firm because they trust that we can assist them in all stages of their organizational lifecycles with cost-conscious services and representation. Whether you’re establishing, building, selling, merging, buying, or closing a business, we can provide guidance to ensure your business processes and transactions are strategically developed, legally sound, and protective of your interests.

From new businesses and small, family-owned operations to large companies, our business attorneys help organizations in developing business-formation documents, buying real estate, negotiating and preparing commercial leases, acquiring capital assets, borrowing funds, managing employees, strategic planning, and more.


Employment law requires special attention and care, and our business attorneys are poised to provide support and guidance to your organization. The employment attorneys at Dughi, Hewit & Domalewski can assist your organization in making informed decisions that are in compliance with current employment law, especially when it comes to matters related to compensating, disciplining, and discharging your employees. We also ensure your expectations for employment are appropriate and legal and comply with the various employment laws that govern your organization. Our firm’s New Jersey employment attorneys can also handle any employment litigation or potential employment litigation you may have with a current or former employee, including claims for alleged wrongful termination, discrimination, or violation of wage and hour laws. The firm’s NJ employment lawyers can also represent you if you are the subject of regulatory action, such as an action or investigation by the Department of Labor.

Business Agreements And Financial Transactions

We work closely with you and your accountants, lenders, brokers, and other specialists to ensure your organization’s agreements and transactions are legally sound and consistent with your organization’s goals and best interests.

Our areas of business practice include the following:

  • Business organization and operation
  • Business and professional practice purchase and sale
  • Contract negotiations and preparation
  • Automotive dealership/manufacturer relationships
  • Limited-liability-company operating agreements
  • Shareholder and employment agreements
  • Lending and secured transactions
  • Business-transition strategies


Our New Jersey firm has a highly collaborative approach to working with our clients. We believe that client communication and involvement is a critical part to ensuring successful business transactions. We also work closely with other professionals, including accountants, brokers, architects, engineers, title companies, surveyors, environmental consultants, bankers, and more, when necessary or appropriate to ensure that any given matter is successfully completed. We also collaborate with other lawyers to make sure your transaction is successfully completed. Given our multi-disciplinary approach, we often work together with other attorneys from Dughi, Hewit & Domalewski who focus on real estate law, complex litigation, health care law, insurance law, or other related areas of practice to ensure all of your legal needs are met. In addition, we will partner with other law firms, if necessary or appropriate, to ensure you’re receiving the best possible advice and representation in any given situation. Clients appreciate our ability to easily navigate highly complex situations, adhere to strict timelines, and address even the most unique problems to produce optimal outcomes.

Smart, Strategic Business-Law Support

With diligence and ingenuity, we develop smart solutions and alternatives to address all your business’ legal needs, ensuring that it grows and thrives at every stage. If you need representation or assistance with any aspect of a business law matter, contact the experienced business attorneys at Dughi, Hewit & Domalewski for a no-cost initial consultation.

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